Best Cell Phone Provider in USA

It’s hard to believe that cell phones have now been around for more than 40 years. Three decades later, cell phones are an integral part of people’s lives. In fact, 91 percent of Americans own a cell phone. With so many people using these devices, cellular companies are raking in the dough. Many Americans become loyal customers of specific carriers due to habit, because they like a particular phone offered, or because of excellent customer service.

Yet, people often grumble about the reliability, cost, or plan availability of their particular provider. The task of finding a new carrier can be daunting. According to the research, Verizon Wireless is the best overall carrier, followed by AT&T , and then T-Mobile. The article below includes a summary of the top five ranked carriers.

1. Verizon Wireless

Verizon takes the number one spot with an overall ranking of 8.58/10. The company covers 98 percent of Americans. The carrier also has 100 percent coverage in urban areas, 95 percent in rural areas, offers 4G LTE in 506 markets, and offers superb customer service. Verizon’s contracts and the number of days allowed to return a phone are similar to other carriers. Although AT&T has slightly higher 4G download speeds, Verizon earned overall better rankings. The main issue with Verizon is the cost of the plans, which can get very expensive. However, when one weighs the many benefits of Verizon, the cost seems somewhat less important.

2. AT&T

AT&T ranks just below Verizon with an overall ranking of 8.5/10. As mentioned before, AT&T has the fastest 4G LTE speeds, and it also offers many different phones. However, while 4G LTE speeds are excellent, the coverage only includes 424 markets. In addition, while AT&T offers many plans, those plans can be expensive. Further, the company’s network is not as strong as Verizon’s, and rural coverage can be especially lacking, with only 75 percent of rural areas covered. AT&T earned an 85 for customer service, which amounts to a steady B compared to Verizon’s A+.

3. T-Mobile

Coming in at number three is T-Mobile — which you might recognize from the awesomely hilarious Bill Hader commercials that have launched over the past few months. T-Mobile received an 8.38/10 overall ranking because of the carrier’s unlimited data plans and affordable prices. However, the coverage is not as strong as Verizon or AT&T offers, with only 75 percent of urban areas and 50 percent of rural areas covered. T-Mobile only has 143 4G LTE markets, but the download speeds are just a hair behind Verizon. Another negative for the carrier is the ranking it received on customer service, which came in at only 45 percent. Still, T-Mobile is an affordable carrier if it is available in your location.

4. Sprint

With an overall rating of 7.75/10, a low customer service score (50 percent), and spotty coverage (65 percent in urban areas and 55 percent in rural areas), Sprint certainly isn’t on the same playing field as Verizon and AT&T. Still, it offers unlimited data as well as international calling. Sprint also features many different phones with various capabilities. Sprint family plans are also popular, and although the network is not always solid, Sprint is offered nationwide. This is particularly effective for people who travel frequently or families with college-age children.

For the past few months, the company offered a program called Sprint One Up, but that ended January 9. The program used to allow customers who purchased an eligible smartphone while agreeing to pay 24 monthly installments for the device to trade the smartphone in after 12 consecutive months of payment. Customers would then be given a new smartphone and a new contract. Although the plan has ended, if Sprint brings this plan back, this deal could greatly increase its customer base.

5. MetroPCS

MetroPCS’s excellent customer service helped earn it a 7.53/10 ranking. The company received a 90 percent for customer service, second only to Verizon. MetroPCS also happens to be a prepaid cell phone carrier, which equals no contracts. After the initial price of the phone, the monthly plans are affordable, starting at $40 per month. MetroPCS also offers unlimited text, data, and talk on a 4G network, as well as discounts when families have multiple phones on one account. The company does have limited coverage, including 75 percent of urban areas and 50 percent of rural areas. The carrier is now owned by T-Mobile and runs on its network.


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How Public WAN IP works

When you are connected to the Internet, you actually have two different IP addresses, a private LAN IP and a public WAN IP.

In most home network applications the router connects your local group of computers and devices known as the LAN with the Internet, commonly called the WAN or Wide Area Network.

The router usually assigns unique local IP addresses to all of the devices connected to it via a service known as DHCP. The addresses assigned by your router are private addresses… and are not routable across the Internet.

Your cable or DSL modem will get a Public WAN IP address from your ISP. These public IP addresses are leased in blocks by your ISP and are Internet routeble. The DSL or cable modem is connected to the WAN port on your router. The router will manage the traffic between the devices on the LAN and the Internet.

So, your LAN connected devices will all have unique private IP addresses assigned by the router and share the WAN IP connection via the router. No one else can have the same WAN IP as you at the same time or the Internet servers would not know where to send the data packets.

The only IP address that a website or outside device can see is your public WAN IP.

You can see your current public WAN IP address here: or

Depending on your ISP your public WAN IP address might be dynamic (changing periodically) or static (fixed).

If you have a static WAN IP, the only way to change it would be to call your ISP. However if you have a dynamic WAN IP you can usually get your ISP to generate a new one by unplugging your broadband modem for a few minutes and then restoring power. Just cycle power, do not press the reset button.

Sync iPhone Contacts via iCloud

Ever since the release of iOS 5, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch owners can sync iPhone contacts with the iCloud service. This page explains how to perform iPhone contact sync via the iCloud through a number of steps as seen below.

Many people rely on iCloud as a means of syncing and in addition backing-up their iPhone contacts. iCloud is the mainstream sync method for most iPhone users’ contacts.

Syncing your iPhone contacts with iCloud – the steps:

  • Navigate to the iPhone Settings and from there chose the option which is named iCloud
  • On the newly-opened slide, you will find what kind of data can be saved to the iCloud service. Items include Mail, Calendars, Reminders, Notes, etc. For now we will only store the iPhone contacts: slide the Contacts-field button to the right to turn on the contact backup service
  • You might be prompted whether to Merge your iPhone contacts with the ones you have on the iCloud already. If this is the first time you access the iCloud this message will not appear. Note that if you previously backed up your iPhone via iTunes on your PC (called iOS backup), the message will appear. Just click “Merge”
  • Next, wait until the iCloud service is turned on for your iPhone contacts
  • Finally, go back to the Contacts app on your iPhone. Refresh your contact list by clicking on the circular arrow in the top left corner

This is how to turn the iCloud service in order to save your iPhone contacts online.

Verizon iPhone 5′s GSM SIM Slot To Stay Unlocked

Verizon iphone 5

A only some days ago, we read that the latest Verizon gadget is being offered with GSM SIM window unlocked to clients, and will play perfect with GSM system.

Now, a Verizon spokesman, speaking to the press Associated, verified that the iphone 5 verizon SIM slot will stay unlocked and does not decide to lock it with program improvement.

It is the start time Verizon, the country biggest cellphone firm, has sold a cell phone that process on competing United States system with no hard unlocking or hacking work.

Iphone 4S

End year, the start shipments of the Sprint iphone 4S were hacked or unlocked and processed on AT &T, but sprint later problem program improvement that turned off that ability.

Verizon Wireless Spokes lady Raney said on Monday that company does not decide to relock the latest iphone 5.

Since AT&T bands LTE are not helped by the LTE chip have in the Verizon latest iphone 5. Only 3D data and voice would work on AT&T system. LTE would anyway work with many other movers which have LTE groups that are helped by the iphone 5 Verizon. For information head excess to this page expressing the 3 alternates of the iphone 5.


But GSM SIM unlocked Slot is best information for Verizon clients who travel out of country commonly, as they can use a Nano-SIM card from a global GSM SIM carrier to reject the exorbitant global roaming telecom charges.

MacRumors characteristics Verizon plan to an FCC need for using the 700 MHz range:

(e) Smartphone locking prohibited. No legal documents may disable characteristic on Smartphone it offers to clients, to the spread such characteristics are complaint with the license quality pursuant to (b) section) of the article, no configure Smartphone it offers to prohibit use of such Smartphone on other offers networks.

Unlocking iphone

Run meanwhile continues is policy of unlocking or hacking iphone is only feedback to subscriber requests, who wishes to use the gadget on global network. AT&T Verizon unlocks or hacked iphone after the contract time is expired.

This is the modern techniques offer in the iphone 5. Verizon GSM SIM unlocked or hacked. Developers work on this to make this more perfect. If you want to unlock this gadget, you need license of this without license that is not possible.